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We know that missing Nursery isn’t easy for your children - or for you.  However, we also know that there are simple ways to turn unexpected time at home into exciting opportunities for children to learn, think, and grow.

Here are some ideas and some links that your children will enjoy and should be able to be completed with little or no adult support.  However, if you are ale to support your child with this learning - it is always more fun to learn together!

Home Learning Resource Pack Activities 1
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Home Learning Resource Pack Activities 2
Nursery Home Learning Resource Pack - Ac[...]
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Counting Practice
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Time Capsule Activity Book 2020
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2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule
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iPad Apps for EYFS Learning
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Rainbow Scavenger Hunt
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Phonics Fun Activity Ideas
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Phonics Fun Activity Ideas
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Role Play Ideas
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Mark Making Ideas
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Maths Ideas
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Role Play Ideas
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Sensory Play Ideas
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Physical Activity Ideas
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              Daily Phonics - Speed Sounds Set 1 and Story Time with Nick    Added 21/04/2020

Online Safety

There is a lot of of support available to keep your child safe online.  Below are some useful links to help support parents and carers to keep children safe online.


Further suggested activities and websites that have great simple ideas for home learning - perfect for our Nursery children!


  • I spy with my little eye (in and around the home) saying the first sound of the thing you see - 'something beginning with b-b-b-b'
  • I hear with my little ear (in and around the home) something that makes this sound - 'Woof! Woof!'
  • Learn to recognise and write your name
  • Practise using scissors (cutting old magazines and catalogues)
  • Matching sound to objects in and round the home (telephone, tap running etc.)
  • Sound walk/hunt (What noises can you hear in the house/garden)
  • Read and share stories
  • Following simple instructions
  • Engage in story talk using props, puppets and resources
  • Phonics Games 1
  • Phonics Games 2
  • Alphablocks 
  • Learning Letter Formation 


  • I spy for number (in and around the home)
  • Baking
  • Lay/set up the dinner table
  • Play board games, dice games, simple card games
  • Make a sandwich
  • Help make and cook dinner
  • Colour/size sorting (washing)
  • Shape hunt (2D shapes
  • Number songs and rhymes lyrics
  • Numberblocks  Use this guide to give you an idea of what to do with your children whilst watching an episode.



It is important for the children to learn knowledge and skills with regard to the world around them, this includes showing care and concern for living things, representing and sharing experiences they have been a part of at home, in school and within their community. As well as using technology and exploring different environments, textures and events.


  • Skipping is a great exercise for cardiovascular workout
  • Throwing and catching different sized balls
  • Kicking, dribbling and stopping different sized balls
  • Jumping and hopping
  • Obstacle courses
  • Running races
  • Balancing activities
  • Making body shapes
  • Play Simon Says (See below)
  • Children can devise their own games and come up with a set of simple rules
  • Cosmic Kds Yoga
  • GoNoodle
  • Daily 5 minute Joe Wicks workouts
  • Just Dance Kids
  • Just Dance Disney
Simon Says Ideas
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  • Create a rainbow picture to display in your window as part of the national campaign 'Chase the Rainbow'.  Not     only will this lift people's spiritis, but children can also do rainbow spotting whilst out walking for exercise.
  • Story-telling
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Painting - try using various implements, toothbrushes, combs, sponges, nail brushes, fingers, toes, etc.
  • Messy play - water, sand, soil, mud, bark chippings, straw, leaves, paint, glue, flour, glitter, foam, clay, playdough, plasticine, bubbles, etc.
  • Construction toys - Duplo, Stickle Bricks, Lego, Mobilo, wooden blocks and bricks, magnetic sets, nesting cups, twigs, sticks, stones, etc. 
  • Build/create something from junk modelling/cardboard boxes
  • Make cards, bonnets and decorations for Easter
  • Draw a self-portrait
  • Have a teddy bears' picnic
  • Have a dolls' tea party
  • Turn-taking games
  • Practise putting on coats and shoes independently
  • Learn to zip up coat independently
  • Potty training, where appropriate
  • Make musical instruments with pots, pans, plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, wooden spoons, rice, dried pasta, etc.
  • Water activities in the bath with cups, pans, bowls, jugs, etc.
  • Dressing up
  • Role play - doctors, nurses, dentists, schools, vets, policemen, shopkeepers, builders, post office, office workers, etc.
  • Helping with domestic chores - sweeping, vacuuming, washing up, etc.
  • Perform a puppet show
  • Den building - both inside and outside
  • Kids' cooking activities
Easter Egg Biscuits
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No Cook Recipes
No Cook Recipes.zip
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