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Our Ethos

Happy children thrive! For children to have the confidence to explore, learn, and grow, they need to be happy. They also need to feel safe, valued, listened to, and understood.  We believe that the happiness and well-being of every child is of paramount importance, and lies at the heart of a successful all-round education. We invest in these qualities in a Nursery which is a safe, fun, inspiring place to play and learn, and where kindness, respect, and first-class care underpin everything that we do.  

Our Mission

We want to give children chances to grow, learn, discover, inspire, laugh, and love, and in doing so, provide the very best start to their education, ensuring that when they go to school, they are happy, confident, independent, resilient, and sociable young people, with a highly developed curiosity, a love of learning, a respect for nature, a healthy self-worth, and an appreciation of the uniqueness that they bring to the world.

Our Vision

We make every day a new adventure!  We have a passion for allowing children to be children. To get wet, to get messy, to be muddy, to climb trees, to follow their interests, and to laugh lots! We embrace childhood as a fun and magical time. Our Nursery is a place which feels like home, and where parents can feel confident that their children are happy, safe, and receiving the very best care and education. 

Our Promise

At Leigh Lollipops Nursery, parents can be confident that:

  • Staff will actively promote our aims and values. 
  • We have clear policies, procedures, and codes of behaviour, which are consistently applied and understood by staff, parents, and children. 
  • You and your child will be consulted about the service provided, and your views and ideas valued. 
  • Our children are happy, well cared for, confident, and safe.

We Love the Outdoors

We have a wonderful garden and like to spend as much time as we can in it! We take the children of lots of countryside and woodland walks, fostering an interest in, and appreciation of, nature, the outdoors and the rural environment.  We teach the children how and why the rural landscape, and the activities of the countryside, change with the seasons.  The children love 'wet wellie walks' and following trails through the woods.

Our Wonderful Staff

We have an incredible and committed team of fun-loving, enthusiastic, highly qualified professionals, who always have the children's welfare at heart.  They share our passion to be outstanding within their field, and enjoy close and loving relationships with all the children within their care, always striving to bring out the very best in them. Many of the staff have been at Leigh Lollipops for a number of years, and we are immensely proud of them and their passion, dedication, and tireless efforts in providing a childcare service, second to none.  The Nursery is teacher-led with our Head of Nursery holding a Bachelor of Education Honours Degree - and all of our staff are qualified. 50% hold current Paediatric First Aid Certificates, and regularly attend training courses to update their knowledge in all areas of childcare.  We believe it is vital to provide staff with an environment that encourages self-learning, promotes self-assessment, and provides continual challenges to enable each of them to grow.

Special Educational Needs

Leigh Lollipops provides an environment in which all children, including those with special educational needs, are supported to reach their full potential.  The Nursery SENDCo (Special Educational Needs’ and Disability Co-ordinator) plans, implements, monitors, evaluates and reviews individual support plans (ISPs) to ensure that the Nursery is putting in place effective support for each child with special educational needs, and we work closely with families and other external agencies to ensure a whole team approach to meeting these needs.  All staff work together to provide a caring environment, within which, the contributions of all children and parents/carers are valued. Staff maintain high expectations for all children and continuously provide opportunities for them to succeed and build their self-esteem.

Charitable Status

Leigh Lollipops Nursery is a non-profit making organistation, run by a parent committee, and registered with the Charity Commission.


Registered Charity Number 1033808

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