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The nursery had provided highly personalised care to my daughter, who initially was very reluctant to be left alone during a session. The staff helped her settle in and after a year, she enjoys her sessions with Lollipops every morning. I would highly recommend this nursery to any parent looking for an organic, non-institutional setting that provides one-to-one pastoral care to their children.



My son started at Lollipops aged 2.4 months and he has taken like a duck to water here. He wakes every morning and asks if it is Lollipops today. The staff are so friendly, knowledgeable and caring. The activities and learning experiences that are offered here are brilliant and really extend and capture my son’s interests. I feel very happy to have found such a little gem of a preschool and I would highly recommend it to any friend.



We started our now 3-year-old daughter at Lollipops last September 2019. She has been extremely happy, always excited about going and calls it “my Leigh Lollipops “ to everyone she speaks to about it and her day. She has grown so much since she began and is more and more helpful and eager to learn as a result. The staff are very professional, kind and caring. She always has warm and happy words to report back on her interactions with them and the children too. I ask their advice on matters of behaviour and situations arising as a mother and they have so much knowledge to offer both from experience as teachers and their own experience as mothers. We sing their praises to anyone who is looking and knows that it is the best place for our little girl. I highly recommend Leigh Lollipops.



Our daughter started with Lollipops last September 2019 and immediately settled in and absolutely loves it there. She looks forward to the activities and to seeing the teachers and other children. We have been impressed by their range of activities, knowledge and care. She is more and more eager to learn, be helpful to me and her sister, and has also shown growth in empathy, creativity and group play since she started. We highly recommend Leigh Lollipops to anyone looking.



I have my second child at lollipops and despite it being a fair distance from where we live it's worth every minute of the journey as it is excellent with wonderful staff and happy children.



We have watched our little boy develop and thrive during the 18 months he has been at Lollipops. The staff are lovely and real attention is paid to each child's needs - even going as far as to get out toys that are your child's favourite during that all-important settling in phase. The focus on lots of outside time has helped our son really enjoy his mornings - he even gets excited in the car on his way to Lollipops wondering what he will be doing and what toys will be out that day. What more could you want from a nursery than a child that is excited to walk through the doors on each visit?



I have found Leigh Lollipops to be a very warm and nurturing nursery, right from the start my daughter settled very well and enjoys going. All the staff are very welcoming and helpful.



My daughter adores this nursery! I had no issues picking Lollipops as her nursery in January as when she came for her visit and trial, she was instantly settled!  She always comes home to tell us about the staff, her friends and what she's done. Her learning has been coming along leaps and bounds.  Amazing nursery!



There is nowhere better!  The staff are amazing, and my child loves it. It’s a wonderful, wholesome environment.



My daughter is very happy and confident at Lollipops. She found it hard when starting and being left but the staff were brilliant, and she has now asked to go extra days!  The garden is amazing and it’s lovely they spend so much time outside.  The staff are so friendly and caring and my daughter has  a great time and has learnt lots since being at Lollipops.  I would highly recommend it!



Our son loves coming to nursery. When we came for the visit to see the nursery, my son cried as he didn’t want to leave! All members of staff are very caring and dedicated. We are extremely happy with our experience. Highly recommend.



My daughter loves going to Lollipops, she even asks to go on the weekends! The staff are all very warm and caring and my daughter has really grown in confidence since going there. I feel that she will be well prepared for starting school in September. They are really flexible which is very rare in the world of commercial nurseries.



My daughter absolutely loves Leigh Lollipops since she started last year. She comes home every day full of excitement of the things that she has done. The staff are lovely and have really taken the time to get to know her and she has flourished since she has been there. The outside space is wonderful and also one of the reasons which I chose Lollipops. I went to see many nurseries before choosing Lollipops and they were by far the nicest and most friendliest and I would recommend them to everyone.



Our little girl absolutely loves Leigh Lollipops.  From her first day at the nursery, she has felt welcomed and has always been involved in activities. She has become so much more confident in herself.  I found it such a daunting process finding the right nursery for us, but we couldn’t be happier with our choice. As a parent, I have always felt welcomed and involved in nursery life and our son will be starting in April. He cannot wait to be part of lollipops. He never wants to leave when we drop his big sister off in the mornings.  All the staff are amazing. My daughter talks so highly of them and is genuinely excited to go to nursery in general mornings.


The setting of the nursery is gorgeous especially the garden. The children are so lucky to have such a wonderful garden to explore.


I cannot thank the staff at Leigh Lollipops enough. My son joined in January after a very unsettling few months of moving. Lollipops have nurtured his needs to make him feel safe, happy, loved and a part of the Lollipops family. His confidence and happiness have come so far in just 6 weeks.  I am so happy to leave my son in their care and highly recommend Lollipops.



Leigh Lollipops Nursery is a fantastic nursery. The outdoor area is what swayed it for us, with the lovely rural setting and plenty of space for our active little boy to run off steam! The staff are incredibly friendly, and all invested in the nursery and the children’s welfare. There is a low turnover of staff too, which I feel greatly benefits the children as they really get to know them. I would highly recommend this nursery!



An outstanding nursery in a lovely location. It has excellent facilities, staff and a great outdoor space, which my son loves.



Our youngest daughter has been attending Leigh Lollipops for approximately 5months and we are extremely happy and plan to keep her there until she starts school, or we move away. With our older daughters, we have experience of using a total of 4 other nurseries and would grade Leigh Lollipops to be the best. I feel totally confident that the experienced and caring staff would provide completely appropriate action, no matter the issue. They are ALL trained in paediatric first aid, they are ALL friendly and caring and the setting is just wonderful and allows lots and lots of free play outside. Our daughter is excited to go each time and talks about her time there happily with anyone who will listen!



This is a wonderful preschool.  My daughter adores attending Leigh Lollipops Nursery and is thriving. I look forward to my son starting at the nursery in the coming year too.



The best playgroup/nursery setting in the area - extremely warm, professional, skilled, caring and welcoming staff who go the extra mile to ensure children have a happy and positive learning experience whilst at the playgroup. My daughter is thriving there. The outdoor area is outstanding.



Lollipops has been a fantastic nursery for both my eldest daughter who was there in 2012/13 and my youngest daughter who is there at present. They both gained so much confidence and enjoyed the caring, and happy atmosphere at the nursery. The teachers are great and extremely supportive. I will also be sending my son there when he is older enough.



Both of my daughters have attended Leigh Lollipops. Lollipops is an inclusive environment which I’ve always felt is nurturing but still offers an excellent level of gentle discipline to support children as they prepare for school life. The staff are all so experienced and approachable that I’ve always felt confident leaving my girls in their care. The garden/outside space is a real attribute and it’s lovely that you can be involved in their pre-school experience by being parent helper every term. I’ve watched staff offer tailored support to parents and children acknowledging that every child settles differently. It’s a very happy place for children to have fun and learn.



A lovely friendly nursery in a wonderful setting. Friendly staff fantastic activities and amazing outdoor space. Great in helping my son to settle quickly and he's very happy there.  Would definitely recommend.



My daughter settled so quickly, all the staff are friendly, caring and helpful. She talks fondly of the nursery and is excited to tell me about her morning. The nursery provides a wide range of activities and my daughter has learnt so much whilst having loads of fun.

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