Policies and Procedures

Leigh Lollipops Nursery has an extensive number of policies and procedures in place to comply with all relevant legislation and to ensure the safety and well-being of children and adults in our setting. 


Our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure they are relevant and current.  However, individual policies may be reviewed and updated as required at any time.  New policies may also be added and parents will be informed of any changes.


You are strongly recommended to make yourselves familiar with the contents of our policies.


Should information within any policy be unclear, please speak to the Nursery Manager.



The Nursery Manager will ensure that any changes to any policy will be communicated to all employees.

The Nursery Manager will ensure that all staff, parents / carers, staff volunteers and others are fully aware of the channels through which they lodge complaints and appeals on all matters.

We also will endeavor to ensure that all staff practices remain in line with the current best practice, and resources will remain appropriate. Links are maintained with Ofsted and other professional bodies whereby Leigh Lollipops Nursery can gather advice, support and assistance.

Policies are avaialble to view at the Nursery.

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