At Leigh Lollipops Nursery, we keep our fees as low as we can but never lose site of our core ethos to provide a caring, supporting, engaging and fun environment for our young learners.


Please note that from time to time it is necessary to adjust fees to ensure overheads are covered. We will endeavour to provide parents with at least one term's notice before changing fees, but reserve the right to change fees without notice.


We are open during term times only (38 weeks per year).  Fees are payable termly in advance on or before the first day of term, or in two instalments on or before the first day of term and at the beginning of the second half of term or by monthly direct debit by prior arrangement.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund if your child is absent due to either illness or holiday during the term.


Where fees are more than one month in arrears, the Nursery reserves the right to withdraw that child's place.


The Nursery requires on full term's notice in writing if you wish to withdraw your child from the Nursery other than at the normal age of transfer to school.  If less notice is given, then fees will be charged in lieu of notice.  This charge will be refunded if the Nursery is able to fill the vacancy.

Early Birds' Club   8.30 a.m. to 9.00 a.m.




*Morning Session 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.




Lunch Club

12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m.





* Late Club


1.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.



* Funded sessions




Our fees include:

Water and milk thoughout all sessions.


Registration Fee 

On applying for a place, a non-refundable registration fee of £30 is payable. However, the registration fee will not apply if your child will be attending the Nursery for a minimum of 9 hours per week and you are receving funding for all the hours.



A deposit of £100 is payable on acceptance of a place offered.  This deposit holds your child's place and once you have joined the Nursery, will be refunded in full at the end of your child's placement with us.  However, should you decide not to take up your child's place at Leigh Lollipops Nursery once accepted, the deposit will not be refunded.


EYFE (Early Years' Free Entitlement)

Over 3s

Free early education can be claimed by parents / carers for all children aged three and four years old.  It covers up to a maximum of 15 hours per week, accessed over a minimum of 38 weeks of the year; a total maximum entitlement of 570 hours each year.  Parents do not contribute towards this entitlement but may be charged by providers for additional services such as snacks, specific activities or extra childcare over the allocated 15 hours.  Some parents may be eligible for the 30 hour Extended Funded entitlement.
Parents / Carers can claim the child’s entitlement at a maximum of two providers that the child attends at any one time. The total hours claimed at the two providers cannot exceed 15 per week combined or the 570 over the year.  If the total hours claimed exceeds the maximum entitlement of 15 hours per week, the Early Years’ Free Entitlement will be apportioned between the two providers on a pro-rata basis.


The funding periods for the entitlement are:
Autumn   -  1 September to 31 December

Spring     -  1 January to 31 March

Summer  -  1 April to 31 August


Below is a guide for accessing the funding: it is broken down into birthdays and funding periods:
If the child is born between 1 April and 31 August, funding can be claimed from 1 September                 

- autumn funding period 


If the child is born between 1 September and 31 December, funding can be claimed from 1 January      

- spring funding period 


If the child is born between 1 January and 31 March, funding can be claimed from 1 April                       

- summer funding period 

Under 3s

We are proud to support FEET funded children (Free Early Education for Two year olds). To learn more about this scheme click here or contact your health visitor.


Voluntary Contribution Scheme Fund

As a registered charity, a voluntary contribution per session is requested, and very gratefully received, for those granted with EYFE or FEET to help the Nursery cover its running costs, which are not fully met by the Government funding.       


We stress that this contribution is voluntary; there is no obligation to make any contribution.  We know that not all families can afford to pay the full amount requested and children are treated equally irrespective of whether or how much their parents / carers contribute.


Childcare Vouchers

Working parents / carers can benefit from significant tax and NI savings of up to £933 per year using childcare vouchers, and up to double the amount if both parents / carers are part of a childcare vouchers' scheme.


To benefit from the scheme, parents / carers simply exchange a part of their salary for the same amount of childcare vouchers and use them to pay their childcare fees.


Each parent can request up to £243 a month – or £55 per week – in childcare vouchers; this value is non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance contributions.


Speak to your employer to find out if they currently offer childcare vouchers; if not ask them to get in touch with a voucher provider today.


At Leigh Lollipops Nursery we accept all childcare vouchers, if your employer uses a company we are not registered with, this can be set up in a few hours.


You can read all about help towards childcare here.


Tax-Free Childcare

Tax Free childcare is a new government scheme introduced to help your family with the cost of childcare and will support you into work or to increase your hours at work, should you wish to. You could get up to £2,000 government support per child per year, (a maximum of £500 per child per quarter) towards your childcare costs.


You can apply for Tax-Free Childcare if:

  • You and your partner (or the sole parent in a lone-parent family), are in work with each parent earning, on average, a weekly minimum equivalent to 16 hours at national minimum wage (NMW) or national living wage (NLW) and not more than £100,000 or more for at least one parent per household per year.
  • Your child is less than 12 years old (or less than 17 years old if they have Special Educational Needs) 
  • The child you are applying for usually lives with you
  • You work in the UK (if you’re a Crown servant or member of the HM Armed Forces posted overseas you can still get Tax-Free Childcare if your childcare provider is UK regulated)

If you are self employed you are entitled to a start-up period during your first 12 months of self-employment. During this time, you don’t have to earn the minimum £115 a week to be eligible for Tax-Free Childcare. However, you cannot use Tax-Free Childcare at the same time as receiving vouchers, Universal Credit or Tax Credits.


Use the Childcare Calculator to see if you qualify for Tax-Free Childcare

  • Select “keep me updated” in the Childcare Calculator to ensure you receive Tax-Fee Childcare updates
  • You will receive an email informing you when you can sign up to Tax-Free Childcare
  • You will need to set up a Tax-Free Childcare account
  • Once you set up your Childcare account, you will receive a welcome pack

Once you’ve successfully applied for your online account, you; 

  • Can set up payments from your bank to your childcare account which will receive the government top up
  • Set up payments to your registered childcare provider(s)
  • Will receive a BACS reference number per child which you must provide to us in order for us to allocate payments against your childcare fees


Your Childcare Account...

You and others can pay into your childcare account as and when you like. How much you pay into your Childcare Account, and when, is up to you. You can make one-off payments or set-up a standing order to make regular payments into your Childcare Account.  Every 3 months, you will receive a reminder to reconfirm your eligibility, simply tick the box to confirm that your details have not changed. If you do not reconfirm your eligibility, you will no longer receive government top ups until you do so.


If your circumstances change or you no longer want to pay into the account, then you’ll be able to withdraw the money you have built up. If you do, the government will withdraw its corresponding contribution.


Parents will be able to apply for both Tax Free Childcare and the extended entitlement through a joint application developed by HMRC.


You can use the Childcare Calculator to see if you are eligible and would benefit from Tax Free Childcare by going to:

If you want to opt into Tax-Free Childcare and are currently receiving other support or3 benefits, you may need to take action:

  • If you are getting childcare vouchers, you will need to tell your employer that you no longer want them
  • If you are getting Universal Credit, you will need to ask Jobcentre Plus to terminate your claim
  • If you are getting tax credits, your payments will automatically stop when you get Tax-Free Childcare

For more information about Tax-Free Childcare as a parent, go to:

www.gov.uk/government/news/tax-freechildcare-10- things-parents-should-know


Additional Costs


T-shirt @ £6.50

Long sleeve t-shirt @ £7.50 

Jumper @ £10.00

Backpack @ £8.50

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